Christmas 2017 Reflection

Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus who according to Luke was born in Bethlehem in a stable because the town was full of out-of-town visitors who had come to register and pay their taxes.

We often regard the sweet scene of the 1st nativity as though it were only about another sweet baby.

Rev Dr Robyn Whittaker reminds us that
“Jesus was a child of a Jewish family living under a foreign regime. He was born into an extended family living away from home and his family fled from a king who sought to kill him because he posed a political threat.
The Jesus story, in its historical context, is one of human terror and divine mercy, of human abuse and divine love.”

The first nativity scene isn’t just the end of Mary’s pregnancy and the start of a new family.

The baby in the manger is none other than Immanuel, God with us.

The people who walked in darkness have indeed seen a great light.

The light emanating from the 1st nativity scene is the light of God, coming to be with us, come to dwell in us, come to transform us.

As the author of John’s gospel says, “in him was life and the life was light of all people.” John 1:4

May you find the joy and peace that God in Christ has gifted to us and all of God’s creation.

Rev Sani Vaeluaga
Rev Sani Vaeluaga




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